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Transfer of elms in Norway

Part of the Doctorarbol team has been working this month in Stavanger, Norway, to transplant two ELMS minor affected by the construction of the headquarters of a Norwegian Bank.1bc6f4a4a8b4b40d0951e9411938ce02 Continue reading

Video del Drago transplantation

Restoration of the Pi de les Tres Branques

Restoration of the Pi of les 3 Branques, in Berga. A symbol of Catalonia, that although he has been dead 70 years, has been preserved by its uniqueness, tradition and values. A year ago, in an act of vandalism, cut one of the branches that formed its structure and has become to retrieve each of its branches and cimales, with a design the less visible as possible. Congratulations Gerard!

You can see the live interview in the program Els Matins de TV3 at this link:


Steel mesh will allow to recover the Pi de les Tres Branques

Our company DoctorArbol is responsible for the project of recovery of the cut branch to be able to reconfigure the structure of Pi de les Tres Branques.

Source: Steel mesh will allow to recover the Pi de les Tres Branques

Transplants d 'a segle d' antiguitat Drago

Transplants d' a centenari Drago in the Línea de la Concepción per the nostra company, treball bonic, but not exempt of dificultats. Line channel 8 television.

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