Gerard Passola

Graduate in Biological Science.

Director at Árbol, Investigación y Gestión SL, dedicated to the research and promotion of modern arboriculture.

Carmina Ramírez

Graduate in Biological Science

Specialized in strategic consulting of green areas and management of big masses of woodland (Plan Director and Manager of woodland)

Alberto Diaz Galiano (Marbella)

Graduate in Biology. ETW and ETT Certificate by the Spanish Association of Arboriculture

Arboriculture Consultant

Daniel González (Benalmádena Málaga)


Arboriculture and management of palms consultant

Jesús Puerta Domingo (Murcia)

ETW Arborist certificated by the Association of Arboriculture

Arboriculture Consultant

Samuel Alvarez (Bilbao)

Agricultural Technical Engineer. ETT Certificate by the Spanish Association of Arboriculture

Arboriculture Consultant

Oriol Mola

ETW Certificate by the Spanish Association of Arboriculture. NPTC teacher certification

Arboriculture Consultant

Pedro Acevedo

Agronomist. He performs risk analysis studies, woodland management and inventory GIS systems

Junior Arboriculture Consultant

External partners:

We have a highly qualified team. However, we are aware that it is now essential to have collaborators specialized in different fields of Arboriculture and other related subjects (ecology, Mycology, calculation of structures, etc.). The common denominator of all our collaborators is an elevated passion for their professional work.

Some of them are:

Paulo Moura (Oporto, Portugal)

Passioned Portuguese Arborist (and photographer)

He has a Arboriculture company in Portugal

Alessandro Pestalozza (Milan, Italy)

Agronomist. Director of Dendrotec. EAC Certifier

Arboriculture Consultant

Giovanni Ugo (Monza, Italy)

Arborist. European champion in tree climbing

Contributor in Dendrotec

Ted Green (London, England)

Freelance ecologist

Conservative of the old trees of Windsor. Founder of the Ancient Tree Forum (Woodland Trust)

Carlos Anaya (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Agricultural Engineer and Arborist

Director of TREE arboriculture

Mohamed Chami (Beirut, Lebanon)

Arborist ISA certificated

Director at Beiroot